Mirror Image Vaulters Inc

Mirror Image Vaulters Inc


Meet Our Horses!


Hi, I’m Levi, and I’m one of the vaulting horses at the Mirror Image Vaulting Club! My three favourite things are bum scratches, admiring myself in the mirror, and cookies! 

Originally, I started out as a roping horse, and then made my debut into the vaulting world about 7 years ago! 

I am a pure bred quarter horse, but built big and strong. I am a grey horse. I’m 16 years old, and am LOVING my vaulting career! 

Can’t wait to meet you!!


Levi ❤️🐴


Hello, my name is Rip! My owner says I am going to start training to become a vaulting horse this summer. I am 3 years old, and a Percheron x Quarter Horse! I am hoping to become the clubs next canter horse! 

I am the sweetest man ever, and I really love cookies and scratches!

I am big and strong, but have a gentle soul!

I can’t wait to start my vaulting career!


Rip ❤️🐴


Hi, my name is Beth! I am a sweet girl who loves all people! I am training to start my vaulting career this summer, just like my brother Rip. I am also 3 years old, and just like Rip, am a Percheron x Quarter Horse.

My owner hopes to use my for the beginner canter vaulters because she says I am kind and gentle!

I am not quite as big as my brother, but I still carry a lot of power!

I am so excited to start my vaulting career and meet everyone that my owner keeps talking about!!



Mirror Image Vaulters Inc