Mirror Image Vaulters Inc

Mirror Image Vaulters Inc


Meet our Awesome Coaches!

Coach Taryn

Hi there! 

I’m Taryn, head coach of Mirror Image Vaulters Inc. I love everything about this sport, and love coaching even more! Nothing makes my day better than being able to coach all the vaulters, and see them succeed! I have been vaulting for 7 years, and have been coaching for 4.

Currently, I have been coaching virtually as I am in Fort McMurray taking my first year of college. I am enrolled in the nursing program out here, and am loving it ALMOST as much as I love vaulting! 

I’d love to see you at lessons, and get to know your friendly faces!


Taryn 💕

Coach Sherri Ann

Hello! I am coach Sherri Ann, co-coach and lunger at the Mirror Image Vaulting Club.

I love coaching, and seeing the smiles that vaulting brings to vaulters faces! I mostly work with the horses, but now that coach Taryn is away for school, I help with lessons a little bit more than I used to.

I have learned so much about this sport since starting my coaching career 4 years ago, and love to share my passion for it!

I look forward to meeting you!!


Sherri Ann💞

Mirror Image Vaulters Inc