Mirror Image Vaulters Inc

Mirror Image Vaulters Inc


What is Equestrian Vaulting?

Simply put,

Equestrian Vaulting is a combination of dance and gymnastics put together in a routine and performed to music while on top of a horse. 

Here at Mirror Image Vaulters Inc, our goal is to create a fun, yet safe learning environment for those looking to try a new sport! We welcome anyone over the age of 4 to come on out and give it a try. This sport is a great way to meet new people, and make some awesome friends! 

Come join our awesome team, and be a part of our vaulting family! We offer both recreational and competition programs!

We run clinics, schedule private lessons, and run birthday parties!

Gift certificates are also available.

What if I don’t own a Horse?

That’s okay! Your coach will supply you with the horse and training equipment needed! All you need is tight fitting athletic clothing, a pair of runners, a pair of soft sole shoes (ballet slippers or pool shoes work great!), a water bottle, and a positive attitude!☺️

Vaulting is a great sport for those out there who want to experience the equine world without needing their own horse!

Mirror Image Vaulters Inc